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Book Donation Guidelines
Stack of books
We gladly accept one tote of books at a time.
Books that are like new and less than ten years old are most useful to us. Books in poor condition cannot be processed.
Magazines and textbooks cannot be processed, please check with other organizations to donate these materials.
Please bring your donations to a library associate. Materials left at the door get damaged by the weather (sun, rain, snow etc.) and cannot be accepted.
If items are not satisfactory, we will, sadly, have to dispose of them due to limited space. So please help us by making sure an associate can look through your donations.
You may also choose to place your unwanted books in the "Got Books" container. The "Got Books" container is located in the Taylor Building's parking lot. Items placed in this bin are recycled by a third-party company, and a portion of the proceeds are given to Rice Public Library.